Why Leads With Validated Emails Is Important

The importance of email validation can not be overstated. It’s often the most overlooked aspect for businesses that engage in email marketing. So, what does email validation mean? Simply put, it’s a process which checks to see if an email address is deliverable and valid. That means, when you send a prospect or lead an email it ensures it can actually be delivered to the inbox and not bounce. That’s just one part of it, there’s a bunch of reasons why you should be validating emails.

1. It can increase your revenue while saving you money.
2. It can save your business a lot of headaches with your SMTP provider. (ie; avoid getting blacklisted)
3. You’ll have more accurate stats, higher conversions, higher inbox placement.
4. Higher sender score. (ie; IP address reputation, this is what ESP/ISP use to judge your trustworthiness)

When you send emails to non valid addresses, and start piling up bounces, you’re sender score is tanking, the lower your sender score, the higher chances your email hit a spam folder over an inbox. If you’re emails are hitting the spam folders, your lead/prospect or even customer will not see them 9 times out of 10. If they can’t see your emails, you’re losing sales.

Here is an example;

You send out 1000 emails, and 200 of those emails bounce, your sender score tanks, thus the other 800 emails have a greater chance of hitting the spam/junk folder. Below is handy chart that shows you inbox placement based on sender score.

email validation

So, going back to the example, if those 800 emails were sent out, and only half hit the inbox, that’s 400 emails delivered. The other 400 hit the spam folder and your lead or prospect never saw it. The email you sent had an offer for $297 and your conversion for those 400 delivered emails was 10%, that means 40 people purchased your offer and your business generated $11,880 dollars, sounds good right? Not exactly, it’s not what you made, it’s what you left on the table. If all 800 emails hit the inbox, your revenue would have been double that $23,760, but since you did not validate emails and you got leads from a bad source, you just lost nearly $12 thousand dollars. Now, that’s just from this campaign, your IP reputation is already in the tank and your following campaigns will also losses in revenue until you fix the problem and get leads and prospects that have validated email addresses.

Intraleads solved that problem, get leads and prospects that have a validated deliverable email address.

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